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Irrigation Equipments

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The heavy duty penstock which is constructed of the high duty of cast iron or ductile iron / main structure with stainless steel stem and fasteners with bronze seals having high quality finishing and suitable for water management related its applications.

These include projects related to waterworks, sewage management, water treatment facilities, agricultural irrigation, hydro electric dams and many more.

Irrigation system is running smoothly by outfitting it with the proper parts. We carry everything you need for a long-lasting system, such as PVC pipes, ranging in diameter from 1/2 inch to 12 inches, and National™ submersible irrigation pumps powered by Motors™

The heart of most irrigation systems is a pump. To make an irrigation system as efficient as possible, the pump must be selected to match the requirements of the water source, the water piping system and the irrigation equipment. 

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Project Gallery