Project Details


Project of Abu Seir Al-Malq – Bani Sweif

Purpose : With capacities of: 5760 m3/day for the main lift station and capacity of 4100 m3/day for the treatment plant
Owner : Bani Sweif City
Main contractor : General Egyptian Co. for Buildings

Supply, erection and testing of :

-           Complete electric lifting centrifugal unit.

-           Electric generating unit with diesel generator. 

For treatment plant

-         2No.of submersible pumps with capacity of each pump 71 L/S

-         One No of Emergency Diesel Generator ,  100 KVA

-         One No. of Transformer , 160 KVA

For main Lifting pump station

-         2No. of submersible pumps with capacity of each pump 100 L/S

-         One No. of emergency diesel generator , 150 KVA

-         One No. of transformer , 250 KVA


Project Gallery

Project Gallery