Project Details


Project of Herbeet – Al Sharkia

Purpose : With a capacity of 5000 m3/day.
Owner : National Organization for Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage (NOPWASD).
Main contractor : Societe Egyptienne D'entreprises (Mokhtar Ibrahim).

Supply and erection of:

Treatment equipments:

-         3 No. of return sludge pumps with capacity 30L/s

-         3No. of excess sludge pumps with capacity 15 L/S

-         3No. of treated water pumps with capacity 60L/S

-         Mechanical screens.

-         Sedimentation Tanks.

-         Emergency diesel generator ( 180 KVA)

-         Main low tension switch board.

-         Chlorination equipments:

-         Two compact automatic floor cabinet gas feeder, max capacity 10kg/hr

-         One microprocessor based controller

-         Two ejector/check valve assembly. O-ring type 

-         2 Vacuum regular .O - built in switchover and out of gas switch.

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