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Project of Saint Catherine

Purpose : Supply , supervision and erection of electromechanical equipment for sewage treatment plant in Saint Catherine.
Owner : Construction of Sinai Authority
Main contractor : Arab Contactors (Sinai branch).

Supply, erection and testing the following equipments:

  • Pumping units:

-         3 No. sludge pumps with capacity 20 L/s

-         3 No. excess sludge pumps with capacity 20L/s.

-         3 No. site drain pumps with capacity 15L/s.

-         3 No. supernatant pumps with capacity 10L/s.

-         3 No. Irrigation pumps with capacity 35L/s.

  • 4 No. Aerator 15 Hp & Exygen capacity 1.5 Kg O2
  • Chlorination equipments:

-         Two compact floor cabinet gas feeder, automatic and manual,4 kg/h capacity

-         Two microprocessor based controller.

-         Two ejector/check value assembly, O-ring type, 4kg/h max capacity

-         Two vacuum regulator 4 kg/h capacity

-         One automatic switch over.


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Project Gallery